Latin Asset Management Invites Firms to Sponsor Pioneering Fund Selector Survey

Latin Asset Management is pleased to announce its latest pioneering project: the Latin American Fund Selector Survey.

In line with Latin Asset Management’s singular focus on delivering Latam-centric market intelligence to global asset managers, the survey’s chief aim is to uncover Latin American Fund Selectors’ perceptions of major fund brands via a minimum of 100 face-to-face interviews conducted by Latin Asset Management staff.

But that’s not all: the survey also includes a customized qualitative interview that allows global managers to discover deeper fund-selector perspectives about their firms, their competitors, and other pertinent market issues and themes.

The Latin American Fund Selector Survey allows cross-border firms to receive customized, company-specific results at a fraction of the cost of commissioning a private survey.

The survey will be fielded December 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017, with report results delivered to sponsors on April 28, 2017. Individualized presentations with sponsoring firms will take place subsequent to report delivery.

Important: A limited number of asset-management firms can sponsor the survey. If your firm would like to participate, you are urged to please contact us immediately to reserve your place.

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Latin American Fund Selector Survey 2017

Synopsis: Based on a series of 100+ face-to-face interviews conducted by Latin Asset Management staff, this blind survey will reveal Latam-based fund selectors’ perceptions of major global fund brands.

The Latin American Fund Selector Survey is the first-ever survey exclusively targeting he Latin American investment management community. The survey is unique in that it combines a standardized perception-metrics questionnaire with a qualitative respondent interview designed in conjunction with sponsoring firms.

This two-pronged approach enables sponsors to objectively benchmark their performance vis-à-vis their peers in terms of brand perceptions, while also providing them with qualitative respondent feedback on the sponsor-designed questions posed during the interviews.

Survey respondents will answer both a standardized perception-metrics questionnaire before moving on to a set of qualitative questions submitted by firms sponsoring the survey.

The results of the survey will be shared via a PDF report customized for each sponsoring firm, and four hours of individualized presentations/discussions with each sponsor (in-person or via online webcast).

Base survey: Interviews with between 100 and 160 fund selectors, depending on the number of sponsors.

The 2017 survey will be conducted in the following countries:

  • Argentina/Uruguay
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru

Fund Selector Universe: The survey will exclusively target Latin American fund selectors with significant cross-border business. By selectors we mean:

  • Private-pension managers
  • Fund-of-fund portfolio managers
  • Private-bank portfolio managers
  • Family office gatekeepers
  • Multi-family office gatekeepers
  • Brokerage firm gatekeepers
  • Independent advisory gatekeepers
  • Individual wealth managers

This survey differs from most others because:

  • It is the first to focus exclusively on Latin American asset management professionals.
  • It is conducted face-to-face, not over the telephone.
  • It is conducted by knowledgeable Latin Asset Management staff, not by third-party interviewers without knowledge of or appreciation for the intricacies of the Latin market.
  • It gives sponsors a chance to design a number of questions that will be posed to respondents.
  • The results will mix analysis of hard data from the perception-metrics questionnaire with more elaborate discussion of opinions and sentiments gleaned from the interviews.
  • It includes personalized follow-ups between your firm and the conductors of the survey and authors of the report deliverable.
  • It is conducted in the respondents’ local language.

For more detailed information on the survey, including pricing, proceed to our Contact Page and choose “Surveys” from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you may call our New York office and speak with client relationship specialist Diane Pierce at +1-646-530-8603, Extension 45.