About Us

The Fund Pro Latin America is recognized by the global money management community as the go-to website for coverage of the market for institutional and retail investment products in Latin America. A pioneer in the field, the site has been online continuously since 2001.

The website is particularly focused on the distribution of cross-border mutual funds and exchange-traded funds to through the institutional and wealth-management channels, and efforts of global asset managers and ETF sponsors to establish a local presence in the region.

The Fund Pro Latin America provides its users with:

  • regularly updated charts showing institutional buying trends and flows
  • performance analysis of funds and ETFs in the portfolios of Latin American pension funds
  • roadmaps of distribution of cross-border products in the region
  • a continual updating of the regulatory framework that governs how funds may be distributed
  • in-depth, probing articles with influential regional buyers
  • a constant read on the asset-gathering environment in various countries and industries
  • value-added aggregated news updates from around the region

Fund Pro Latin America relies on a team of regional correspondents and a team of data analysts, responsible for updating the site with the latest statistics available. Our longtime presence in the field provides us with unparalleled access to influential professionals in the region, including institutional-investors, wealth-management gatekeepers and regulators as well.

Subscribers to Fund Pro Latin America get an early, ‘as-it-happens’ take on the analysis that is routinely included in our longer white papers and thematic reports.

The Fund Pro Latin America is the ideal product for senior management seeking current, updated commentary from inside experts on the trends and issues facing the asset management business in Latin America.

It is also a tremendously useful product for those whose success depends on timely access to data, be it for production of in-house reports, peer-group analysis, gap analysis, benchmarking of sales results, etc.

Typical users of the site include:

  • Global fund managers
  • Asset servicers and custodians
  • Platform providers
  • Global and regional broker-dealers
  • Regional multifamily offices and boutique brokerage firms
  • Locally-based Latin American mutual fund firms
  • Latin American pension managers (AFPs in Chile, Peru and Colombia and Afores in Mexico)
  • Global consultants
  • Regulators
  • Sell-side brokers
  • Service providers to the asset management industry

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