Overview of Quantitative Content

Below we provide a description of the core rankings, charts and tables updated regularly on the Fund Pro Latin America website. Most of this proprietary quantitative content is delivered in Excel format. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of our Quant content.


Cross-Border Holdings

On a monthly or quarterly basis, our research team combs through the portfolios of Latin American institutional investors, such as Chilean, Peruvian and Colombian Pension Managers (AFPs), Mexican and Chilean Mutual Fund Managers, etc.

The data gleaned from this investigative effort is a veritable treasure trove for global asset managers and ETF sponsors, as it allows them to view firsthand:

  • The buying habits of the region’s largest investors
  • Shifts in strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Which asset classes and sectors that are garnering the most attention
  • Which asset managers and ETF sponsors have been the most successful in gathering assets
  • Which local distributors have the most success helping global players gain traction

Holdings tables are essential elements to a periodic review of your firm’s distribution efforts in Latin America, and serve as a launch point for reviewing performance with your sales staff. They can also generate sales opportunities by highlighting where top-performing funds and ETFs are not getting the allocations they deserve.


Cross-Border-Fund and ETF Performance

Cross-border funds and ETFs authorized for purchase in Latin American countries compete very vigorously for allocations from the region’s institutional investors. Our cross-border-fund and ETF performance analysis takes the entire universe of funds and ETFs receiving investments from a particular industry (e.g. Chilean AFP pension managers), breaks them down into peer groups based on asset class, regional focus, etc., and then compares their performance as follows:

  • Returns over 1 month, 3 months, year to date, 1 year
  • Management fee

There is one monthly workbook per industry (i.e. Chilean AFPs, Chilean mutual funds, Colombian AFPs, etc.) and each includes ETFs and mutual funds.


Cross-Border Flows

Flow reports focus precisely on the success of individual cross-border funds and ETFs in landing new allocations from the institutional investors of a particular country and industry. More specifically, these reports take the universe of mutual funds and ETFs currently receiving allocations from, for example, Colombian AFP pension managers, and then rank the vehicles by the following datapoints:

  • Net new inflows over the last one month and year to date
  • Returns in US Dollar terms, over 1 month, 3 months, yeart to date and 1 year
  • Total AUM from the industry

Funds and ETFs are categorized and broken down into peer groups, based on their geographic focus, asset class and manager/sponsor.


Cross-Border-Brand Penetration League Tables

Another way to describe our Brand Penetration League Tables might be the “Who’s Who” in asset gathering in Latin America, as we rank global managers by their success in landing allocations from Latin America’s institutional investors. Published every three to six months, these rankings peg global managers by their overall AUM received from Latin American institutional investors, and chart the dollar and percentage growth in the most recent period, to view which firms have the most momentum.


Local Mutual Fund AUM, Flows and Returns

Our analysis doesn’t stop with cross-border funds. In fact, we possess arguably the most expansive database on local Latin American mutual funds in the world. On the Fund Pro Latin America website, we publish reports and tables showing the growth and performance of local mutual funds, including:

  • AUM growth by manager, asset class, regional focus
  • Flow analysis by manager, asset class and regional focus