Custom Consulting

Latin Asset Management has partnered with scores of global asset managers and distributors, providing custom consulting that allows our clients to harness the broad array of qualitative and quantitative inputs at our disposal and channel them into tailor-made reports, presentations and executive summaries that enlighten and elucidate.

Our consulting arm can be counted on for recommendations and conclusions that are bold and unambiguous. We appreciate that our clients have come to us seeking firm insights and opinions, not a bunch of throwaway platitudes. Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s needs, we work meticulously and tirelessly to answer the key questions posed to us.

Actionable Intelligence

Our fluid, open dialogue with global asset managers and strong relationships with Latin-based institutional investors and wealth managers allows us to probe and survey the market informally and discretely, in order to provide our clients with an expert opinion or actionable intelligence that is influenced by a broad, up-to-date consensus of the overall market.

Most clients find our pricing to be much more reasonable than larger global consultancies, who often charge exorbitant fees yet have no dedicated coverage of the Latin American asset management marketplace. Believe us, the global consultancies reach out to us to help them with their research! So not only are our clients benefitting from dedicated research, they are also saving money.

Typical Steps in the Process

Most often, prospective clients call on us to gain an understanding of new markets, develop a market-entry strategy, benchmark their performance vs. that of their peers, hear valuable feedback on the market’s view of their brand and servicing efforts, etc.

In all of these cases, we’ll use our initial contact to discuss the project background, scope and delivery requirements, and determine whether the project’s goals are within LAM’s core competencies. We’ll sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement at the prospective client’s request.

Based on that information, we’ll prepare an initial proposal outlining the contours of the potential deliverable, in order to gather feedback from our prospective client. The initial proposal will be based on our understanding of the project, and guidance from the client will be key in helping us with revisions to the proposal.

With client comments in hand, we’ll go back to develop a formal, finalized proposal, which will include, at minimum the following sections:

  • Background and objective
  • Description of the deliverable (sections, approximate length, number of exhibits, etc.)
  • Information-gathering and sourcing research parameters
  • Schedule and work plan
  • Pricing


Additional Information

If a custom consulting project sounds appealing to you, please contact us. To get the discussion going, click on “Consulting Inquiry” from the dropdown menu on our Contact Page and write to us.

About Latin Asset Management


Latin Asset Management

 Latin Asset Management, a sister company to Fund Pro Latin America, is the research and consulting arm of Latin Ventures LLC, a New Jersey (USA) based company.

Latin Asset Management, active since 2001, is an editorial and consulting company with an exclusive focus on the Latin American money-management industry, including mutual funds, pension funds and wealth management.

Via its white papers, custom consulting, online presentation series, and seminars, Latin Asset Management supports the tactical and strategic business decisions firms must make to gather assets in Latin America’s complex institutional and private-client markets.

LAM’s staff of professional consultants, journalists and researchers is strategically distributed throughout Latin America, in order to cover the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico first hand. This local presence allows us to personally interview top regulators and corporate decision-makers and to gather consensus views on new regulation, industry trends and growth projections.

Complementing this coverage is Latam-based research group, which maintains a broad statistical database tracking manager and industry assets, client growth, asset allocation, fund performance and holdings.

Since 2001, Latin Asset Management has been the Latin American strategic partner of Cerulli Associates, a top US consulting firm widely recognized in fund management circles. Cerulli’s research includes country case studies and analysis of regional trends, usually with a focus on the issues driving growth of the asset management business onshore and offshore.