Seminars and Events

Fund Pro Events are designed to bring global asset management companies and service providers closer to potential clients in Latin America. Since 2003, when we held our first annual Seminar on Asset Management in Mexico, we have been helping international firms raise their profile among the local institutional investor community. Sponsors of our events have a range of opportunities to introduce their products, brands and executives to the local market, or reinforce their current efforts in the region.

Fund Pro Events are put together by the same team, year after year. This provides comfort to sponsors that have accompanied us over the last decade, as well as new sponsors making their debut in the region. Venues are strategically chosen to provide easy access for local professionals, who often find it difficult to escape from their busy work days to attend outside seminars.

Our Most Recent Event: Seminar on Cross-Border Asset Management in Latin America

  • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  • Santiago, Chile
  • March 8, 2018


Additional Information

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