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Thank you for your interest in Fund Pro Latin America, where prestigious global asset management firms, global private banks and broker-dealers, and some of the most successful locally-based Latin America fund managers, boutique brokerage firms and multi-family offices get their vital, value-added news and data.

To speak to a sales associate, proceed to our Contact Page and choose “Subscription Information” from the dropdown menu. A representative will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you may call our New York office and speak with client relationship specialist Diane Pierce at +1-646-530-8603, Extension 45.

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General Membership Rates

The Fund Pro Latin America is a subscription website. Though you will find that you can receive our daily newsletter, view our home screen and even access some content for free, most articles and data are behind our pay wall and are visible only to licensees. Annual subscription rates are as follows:


Individual Licensee: USD 2,495*

(This type of license is only available only to independent consultants, researchers, etc.)


Corporate License – Silver: USD 2,995*

Includes 3 individual log-ons per firm.


Corporate License – Gold: USD 2,995* + USD 300* per Addtional User

The best option for firms with 3-10 users. USD 2,995 is the cost for the first three employees, USD 300 for each additional employee. Users added to an existing license are charged a fraction of the USD 300 prorated for remaining months of the current subscription.


Corporate License – Platinum: USD 4,995*

The best option for firms with 10 or more employee users (flat rate – no additional costs for more than 10 users).

* Standard prices shown. Standard price is applicable to US-based clients. Non-US clients: your payment of standard price, net of any/all foreign-country withholding taxes, is required to initiate and maintain subscription.


Additional Benefits for Licensees

All licensees will receive a 15% discount off of the list price on all additional white papers, research reports, events, etc. that are not included in the subscription cost.


More About Corporate-Level Licenses

It’s possible that your company has already purchased a corporate license that will allow you to gain access to Fund Pro Latin America either at no cost or at a reduced rate. Please call or email us to find out, using the contact details above. We will be glad to verify your eligibility to gain full access to the website. Here’s what we’ll check on and what you can expect from us:

  • If your firm holds a Corporate License and has room to add users on its Silver or Gold License, or holds a Platinum (Unlimited) License, you may be added to your company’s account at no charge.
  • If your firm holds a Silver or Gold License but has already filled all available slots, a payment will be due. We will notify you of this fact and ask you for instructions on how to proceed (i.e. you may wish to speak to someone internally at your firm or we can reach out to our contact at your firm and ask for his or her approval). Adding new users to a subscription usually requires company approval.
  • If your firm does not subscribe to Fund Pro Latin America, you will be offered an annual subscription as an Individual Licensee or a Corporate-Level License holder, depending on how many users will be using the site.