Asset Management Industry Surveys

Given its ties to all segments of the Latin American asset management industry, Latin Asset Management has a unique platform from which it regularly calls on market professionals to share their opinions and insights on issues of the day.

Our industry surveys are conducted either in-person or online, depending on the subject matter, seniority of our target respondents,  urgency of a response, etc.

Topics of surveys vary widely. Some recent examples include:

– Surveying financial advisors about their use of alternatives and structured products.

– Surveying institutional investors about their recent asset allocation decisions.

– Surveying global asset managers about their expansion plans.

– Surveying Latin American fund selectors about their preferences for global managers.

In most cases, surveys are conducted in conjunction with proprietary research efforts such as Research Reports and Distribution Dynamics Webinars. However, third parties also harness the powers of the survey engine for their own use, hiring Latin Asset Management to conduct a private-label surveys conducted on their behalf.

Latin Asset Management works with clients on development of survey questions, localizing surveys into local language (Spanish, Portuguese and English), targeting of key survey respondents, followup with respondents, reporting of results in chart format, and interpretation of results in the form of personal presentations, conference calls and/or written reports.

To insure reliable results, Latin Asset Management employs a multi-pronged vetting process to limit participation to qualified respondents.  Some common control measures include:

  • Making email and/or phone contact with interested parties to confirm their status
  • Requesting that each respondent send an email to the Latin Asset Management Linkedin group via his or her own Linkedin account page, to verify respondent’s work experience
  • Strongly discouraging or restricting use of Gmail/Yahoo accounts, unless Latin Asset Management is assured of the identity of the respondent
  • Tracking of IP addresses in order to restrict individuals from completing two surveys from the same computer
  • Use of disqualification logic allowing Latin Asset Management to filter out respondents based on their answers to some initial multiple-choice question or questions in the survey

Additional Information

To discuss the possibility of commissioning a survey, send us a message after selecting “Survey” from the dropdown menu on our Contact Page.