Argentine Mutual Fund Industry Net New Investments (NNI) Report – June 2020

Excel workbook detailing net new investments (NNI) of all locally registered Argentine mutual funds, asset managers and industry sectors. Also includes monthly and year to date NNI data by asset class, region, sector and manager by sector. Data as of June 30, 2020.

Companies mentioned in this report: Adcap; Adm. Tit y Val.; Aires Capital; Allaria Ledesma; Argenfunds; Axis; BACS; Balanz; Bayfe; BBVA Frances; BNP Paribas; Bull Markets;  Cima; Capital Markets Argentina; CMF; Cohen; Consultatio; CyC; Deal; Delta; First Capital; Galicia; Galileo; GIO, Grupo SS; HSBC; ICBC Bank; IEB; Industrial; Intervalores; INTL Gainvest; Investis; Itaú;  Macro; Mariva; Megainver; Mercofond; Moneda; Nuevo Chaco Fondos; Patagonia; Pellegrini; Proahorro; Provinfondos; Quinquela; Quiron; Santader Río; SBS; Schroders; Southern Trust; Supervielle; Tavelli; Tutelar; Valiant; Zofinger. 

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