Argentine Mutual Fund Industry Statistics – September 2019

Excel workbook detailing, over various time periods, mutual fund industry asset growth by sector and managers. Data as of September 30, 2019.

Companies mentioned in this report: Adm. Tit y Val.; Allaria Ledesma; Arpenta; Axis; Balanz; Bayfe; BBVA Francés; BNP Paribas; Cima; CMA; Cohen; Consultatio; Convexity; Facimex; Bacs; Deal; Fondcapital; First Capital Markets; Gainvest; Galicia; Galileo; GPS Inestments; Gerente de Fondos; HSBC; ICBC Bank; Industrial; Itaú; Macro; Mariva; Megainver; Patagonia; Pellegrini; Proahorro; Provinfondos; QM Asset Mgt; RJ Delta; Sancor Seguros; Santader Río; SBS; Schroders; Surthern Trust; ICBC Bank,; Nativa; Nuevo Chaco Fondos; Supervielle.

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