Latin American Asset-Gathering Strategies 2016: Cross-Border Distribution to High-Net-Worth and Pension Markets

Latin Asset Management has again teamed with long-time strategic partner Cerulli Associates to publish a report that sizes the market for cross-border funds and ETFs in the Latin American wealth and pension markets.

Latin Asset Management is the consulting arm of Latin Ventures LLC, which also operates Fund Pro Latin America.

The report, Latin American Asset-Gathering Strategies 2016: Cross-Border Distribution to High-Net-Worth and Pension Markets, focuses on trends affecting demand for cross-border products among Latin American pension managers and wealthy individuals and then examines in detail how asset management firms are strategically positioning themselves to capture this demand.

This report covers major US and Latin American retail booking centers for Latin American wealth (South Florida, New York, Texas, Panama, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Bogotá) and also the countries whose private-pension funds are important cross-border investors (Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico).

Qualitative insight is derived from over 70 interviews with distribution heads and regional managers of cross-border funds and ETF sponsors, Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones (AFPs) and Administradoras de Fondos para el Retiro (Afores) pension managers, and wealth managers.


  • Examine the wealth management landscape by region
  • Understand the size of fund distribution in U.S. and Latin American offshore markets
  • Assess how asset managers are distributing their products to
  • AFP/Afore pension managers
  • Explore future growth prospects for the pension industries of Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico

Questions Answered

  • How many staff do leading asset gatherers in Latin America have, and where are they based?
  • What are the recommended approaches to hiring a sales team catering to wealth management intermediaries?
  • What is the current state of the traditional offshore market formerly dominated by large firms?
  • Should firms be entering the Latin American market? Is the market
    already saturated?
  • How large is the U.S. offshore/Latin American offshore market for active funds and/or ETFs?

This report is available for purchase by contacting Cerulli Associates directly.

Please click here to download an information packet (including full table of contents, index and sample charts and pages).