Latin American Distribution Dynamics 2016: Keys to Gaining a Foothold in Increasingly Globalized Markets

Latin Asset Management has again teamed with long-time strategic partner Cerulli Associates to publish Latin American Distribution Dynamics 2016: Keys to Gaining a Foothold in Increasingly Globalized Markets.

The report is the most wide-ranging yet focused report on Latin American domestic markets (mutual funds and pension funds), with special attention paid to demand for cross-border funds and ETFs and market-entry opportunities for global firms.

Latin Asset Management is the consulting arm of Latin Ventures LLC, which also operates Fund Pro Latin America.

This latest report, in its eleventh iteration, explores the asset management industry of six major markets in Latin America—Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. It focuses on market sizing, product development, distribution opportunities, and the attractiveness of various client segments, and provides strategic insights into Latin America’s growth potential for wealth and asset managers looking to gather assets from Latin American retail and institutional investors. Research and analysis is based on various mutual fund and pension fund data, including by manager, distribution channel, investment objective, and cross-border vehicle exposure. Qualitative insight is derived from interviews with executives currently involved in these markets.


  • Explore product development opportunities by country
  • Review local and regional regulations impacting distribution
  • Develop a market entry strategy for this region and specific countries
  • Assess demand for cross-border products and benchmark strategies

Questions Answered

  1. What is the outlook for the Latin American asset-management marketplace now that growth has slowed, commodities prices have fallen, and interest rates are creeping up in the U.S.?
  2. Which global managers have been successful in penetrating the Latin American market?
  3. How have the major cross-border distributors organized their distribution operations in the Latin American Offshore market, and how large is the opportunity there?
  4. How will recent elections in Argentina and Peru and the impeachment in Brazil of their president affect asset gathering?
  5. What is the demand in Latin America for global subadvisory?

This report is available for purchase by contacting Cerulli Associates directly.

Please click here to download an information packet (including full table of contents, index and sample charts and pages).