Trends in the Latin American Institutional Marketplace: Cross-Border Distribution Strategies

Latin Asset Management has teamed up with Cerulli Associates to publish a 170-page report that focuses exclusively on current trends that are driving institutional investor demand for cross-border products in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. The report, which includes 97 exhibits, was written entirely by Latin Asset Management‘s team of regional analysts and is based on field research conducted in the third quarter of 2014.

The report examines institutional demand for cross-border products coming from AFP and Afore pension managers, corporate pension funds, local mutual fund managers, central banks, and sovereign wealth funds. It also discusses in-depth the issues affecting demand and creating opportunities for global managers of mutual funds as well as private-equity funds, which are quickly gaining a foothold throughout the region. These issues include: recent and upcoming regulatory changes, legal limits that prevent larger offshore allocations, macro factors (inflation, exchange rates, and political environment), and competition with other asset classes.

Reasons to purchase:

  • Examine the distribution of cross-border products within the region
  • Analyze mechanisms used by global managers to gain access to Latin American institutions within each country
  • Explore cross-border asset allocations of Latin America’s largest institutional investors
  • Review five-year projections of industry growth in the region
  • Assess the current overall exposure to cross-border products

This report is available for purchase by contacting Cerulli Associates directly.

Please click here to view and download an information packet (including full exhibit list, company index, and sample charts and pages).