Latin American Distribution Dynamics 2014 – Entry Points to Emergent Economies

The Cerulli Report: Latin American Distribution Dynamics 2014 is the ninth edition in a series of annual reports focusing on the distribution and product development trends taking place in the major markets of Latin America. Latin Asset Management, a source of most of the data and commentary featured in this edition, is proud to have once again collaborated with Cerulli Associates on the report.

This 257-page Distribution Dynamics report focuses its attention on growth opportunities and challenges for asset managers and wealth managers in the six major markets in Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. It addresses both retail and institutional markets, and covers market sizing, product development, distribution opportunities, and the attractiveness of specific client segments. It is a guide for foreign managers to expand into Latin American markets by providing the necessary regulatory insights, opinions on the attractiveness of various markets, and data on mutual fund and pension markets.

This iteration of the report includes many more exhibits relating to institutional-investor holdings of cross-border products. It also includes a focus on three themes that are influencing the prospects for asset gathering in the region. Among the questions answered by the report are:

  • Which Latin American market offers the most attractive asset-gathering opportunity?
  • Which distribution channels provide the greatest opportunity for global asset managers?
  • Which retirement markets are growing the fastest and how addressable are they?
  • What are the regulations governing Latin American pensions’ exposure to foreign economies?
  • What are the most common cross-border product structures in investors’ portfolios?
  • Are there opportunities for foreign managers in the small pension markets in Colombia and Peru?
  • What is the size and the projected growth of each of the major mutual fund markets in the region?

This report is available for purchase by contacting Cerulli Associates directly.

Please click here to download an information packet (including full table of contents, index and sample charts and pages).